Gold Filled jewelry is made by bonding a sheet of 12 karat gold or 14 karat gold to a base metal like brass. Gold Filled jewelry can be referred to as 12/20 gold fill or 14/20 gold fill. In order to be gold filled, the gold has to make up 5% (1/20th) of the total weight. Unlike gold plated jewelry you find at inexpensive jewelry stores, gold filled jewelry has about 100 times more gold which means it is very tarnish resistant. That means you shouldn’t have to worry about it rusting or changing color. However, with that being said, every body chemistry is slightly different which means each person can react differently with the metal. With proper wear and care, your gold filled jewelry should last for a long time. It is always suggested to take all jewelry off when you’re exercising or in the water and to store jewelry in air-tight compartments to protect them from harsh chemicals. I personally have worn gold-filled jewelry in the water and they have maintained their color very well. While gold-filled jewelry is very tarnish resistant for me, there are many variables that can affect how long gold filled jewelry can last for someone depending on their lifestyle and daily activities.



Our rings are all in US wholes sizes. To find out your ring size with your existing rings you already own, all you need to do is measure the INNER DIAMETER (VERY IMPORTANT) of your ring in millimeters. Once you have the millimeters, you can use our size guide BELOW to to see what US size you are. While our size guide would be a great reference to find your ring size, we would highly recommend getting your ring sized at a local jeweler to ensure accuracy. We cannot guarantee the rings will fit perfectly based on our size chart because every individual is different with whole and half ring sizes. We are not responsible for inaccurate sizes purchased. Therefore if an exchange is needed, shipping fees both ways will be the responsibility of the customer.